Swimming to Dutch Island

Because of my Paint the Bay project, 21 Months-147 Miles-Painting the Bay, I have had the opportunity to dovetail two of my favorite pursuits into a single event, Think, Triathlon or the Nordic Biathlon. I decided to call it Swainting! Continue reading


The business of procrastination takes a lot of time!

Seriously, it can take me all day to avoid working on a painting that I find daunting.

Take my wave painting.
(this is the sketch)
Wave composite GapAbout a year ago I thought….”Wow, it would be so cool to paint a 24 foot wave for my Narragansett Bay Show.” It seemed like a great idea for the “future me” to do.

Dryden Gallery’s Grand Gallery is a huge space, perfect for a huge piece. I’m an open water swimmer so I know waves (right?). “This is going to be easy!” I thought. “Paint the wave in fog, keep the palette very limited, it will just flow off my brush” I thought.

Flash forward to reality. Waves are not easy to paint, even foggy waves. They are deceptive little buggers full of varying angles and forms that flow into or against each other. There is reflected light and translucency within the form light. There are wind, wave and foam patterns all dancing a complex choreography. Add to that the size of my endeavor. What was I thinking? 24 feet is…. well… t w e n t y-f o u r feet!

The planning part of working large has been kind of fun. For instance, check out this behemoth brush I bought!
And these tremendous tubes!
Then, there is the surface…
IMG_1750I am opting for 5 separate aluminum panels to make the piece more transportable. Even so, they are too large and heavy for my easels, and my studio was not designed for producing 24-foot paintings. How and where will I support and prep these bad boys for painting? This seems to be where planning has turned into procrastination.

The future “me”, who I had imagined singing a happy sea shanty while a 24-foot wave flowed off her brush, has turned into a present day “me” who needs to take a nap.

After all, tomorrow is another day.

New Beginnings

hi rez white

This week I dropped off this large tryptic and 5 other paintings to the wonderful Renjeau Gallery in Natick MA.

Now I’ve  begun to initiate 6 new “Wave” paintings. I have become fascinated by the relationship between our Selves and the ocean. The emotions that we have towards water and how water seems to mirror our moods.   We are water for the most part. We need water. We love water and we fear water.

I am an open water swimmer and know many great swimmers who have  a fear of swimming in the ocean. When I assure them that the water is safe (no sharks) they still have that undefined fear that keeps them swimming back and forth following a black line instead of out in the sunshine with all the wonderful variables of nature. It’s that fear I wonder about. For me, most of the time, it’s an undefined desire, a longing to be out there.  I hope my paintings will explore and communicate about these things.

Part of that exploration is about the translucent nature of water. Seeing through a medium, into the depth or beyond the veil elicits something in us. I think these paintings will share some qualities with my Pear series where I render translucent material over organic form.