A painting on a circular canvas or support is called a tondo. This is the first tondo I painted.

Each day during this epidemic, I will discount a painting 25% .

When my sales exceed $1,000 I will donate $100 to UNHCR to help the most vulnerable people during this crisis, the refugees. Hopefully there will be lots of donations!

Today’s 25%-discounted painting is… After the Swim $1,730 this price includes shipping  24” x 24”” unframed oil on canvas (no need to frame!)oF5D_2H1bRW4AFaaLDLqWU0bE2Y_IgW7Ipcoa1-BjkxEgscmLvr5yuC6vXecY2yzl5bSstuHatbHVeeQe3hx4NWEf_5Bh2K5Hz-NbR4dLEXCTgmFmKgcdbfwoRGmE980ojudiJY-WbCabooFwgLr-tZIRLOhOfOJqpwiZd4eIIl98DDUrtMo7ZM2rR0Hdf9rcvdxvRIaIIoerPf3QD8aCtIjP4sj

The Details:

Just message me through Facebook or Instagram . You can also email me at Let me know the name of the painting you wish to buy and I will either send you a Paypal invoice or take your credit card information over the phone. Once paid, the painting will be marked as sold and shipped out to you.

Stay Safe!


About Lorena Pugh

I'm a Rhode Island artist sharing some work on these blogs

2 responses to “Tondo

  1. paintersmom

    Really beautiful!1 I’m enjoying seeing a different painting each day. Thanks!!


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