Wave Study 112 is SOLD!!

For those of us longing to go to the beach, a little wave.

Each day during this epidemic, I will discount a painting 25% .

When my sales exceed $1,000 I will donate $100 to UNHCR to help the most vulnerable people during this crisis, the refugees.

Today’s 25%-discounted painting is….Wave Study # 112 $190 this price includes shipping

3.5” x 8”” unframed gouache on board with hanging clip


The Details:

Just message me through Facebook or Instagram . You can also email me at lorenapugh@purebrededitions.com. Let me know the name of the painting you wish to buy and I will either send you a Paypal invoice or take your credit card information over the phone. Once paid, the painting will be marked as sold and shipped out to you.

Wishing you a happy Monday!


About Lorena Pugh

I'm a Rhode Island artist sharing some work on these blogs

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