Fifty Days of Grey

When I began this Paint the Bay Project five months ago I looked forward to the variety  of moods and lighting I would encounter.





I went out this morning.


It was grey.


Yesterday morning, grey.


Last week, grey.


Tomorrow morning I am going out again.


Painting Narragansett Bay, drop by drop

Did you know that Narragansett Bay encompasses 147 square miles? I just learned that myself. I started painting scenes along the bay last January and plan to continue painting it’s estuaries, coves and vistas a few days a week until November of 2018. How much of that 147 miles do you think I will capture? I am going to find out and I hope you will join me on this adventure by following along on my blog posts. Feel free to leave comments at the bottom. I would love to learn of special places along the bay you would like me to paint and when I post a painting, you can offer a guess as to where it is.
“Twenty One Months and One Hundred Forty Seven Miles – Painting the Bay” is a project that grew from discussions with Save the Bay and Dryden Gallery. Over the next year and a half you may find me somewhere along a beach, in a kayak or even in a little pop-up tent during a snowstorm, painting away.
All these paintings will eventually become a show at Dryden Gallery. Proceeds from the sale of these paintings will benefit 3 important entities:  Save the Bay, Dryden Gallery and thankfully, Me! So mark your calendar for October 2018!! (I will have to get back to you on the exact date!)