Giving Birth


I love painting large, but boy is it a big commitment. Kind of like having children.

First, you are so excited by the idea of it.

You are in love with the thought of having babies, or making paintings. You order the materials you will need and prep the canvas (with babies it’s a different set of preliminaries).

Everything matters. The type of surface you use matters a great deal if you are painting. The type of paints, the mediums, the solvents all matter. The parallel with babies would be all the healthy food you try to eat and all the fun food you try to avoid once you know you are pregnant.


You do the preliminary sketches and begin the underpainting.Or you figure out a name and go into labor. Take your pick; they both can be excruciating.

When you are separated, you fluctuate between excitement and worry.

When you are interacting, you focus and pray. Luckily, a painting matures faster than a baby AND you do have the option to throw out your failures.

Sometimes, both paintings and babies go wrong. I know it must be my fault but despite hard work, focus and prayer things go askew from time to time.  Then, I double down and usually pull it back together. But almost always it’s different from the initial vision (especially where babies are concerned).

I’ve made thousands of paintings.

I’ve made two children.

I don’t love all the paintings I’ve done. I only love a small percentage, really.

I love 100% of the children I have made.


About Lorena Pugh

I'm a Rhode Island artist sharing some work on these blogs

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