Test your art knowledge!


Guess which art movement this painting belongs in!

Here’s a little quiz of art terms, most of which I pulled from a Huffpost Arts and Culture article. See if you are an art aficionado!

1 Postmodernism is…

A. Art that happened after Picasso died

B. Art that happened after Modernism

C. Abstract painting that looks like  posts if you tilt your head just so

D. A rejection of modernisum


2 Art Deco is…

A. Any old ornamental art

B. A portrait of Anderson Luís de Souza

C. Design style of the 1920′ and 30’s

D.. Cubist Artworks


3 Monochromatic means…

A. Black, white and grey

B. Of similar colors

C. Weak color

D. One color modified by black and/or  white


4 Experssionism is…

A. Paint that’s thrown on the canvas

B. Angry paintings

C. Paintings of happy, sad or angry people

D. Dipictions of inner emotions


5  Readymade means….

A. Art that is already framed

B. Art manufactured factory style (I’ve worked in one of these factories!)

C. Objects initially made with no intent to be considered art but placed in an art envoirnemnt by an artist with the intent of calling it art.

D. Paint by numbers


6 Futurism is….

A. Art that hasn’t happened yet

B. 20th Centery Art that celebrates speed and what was new at the time

C. Art that foretells the future

D. Paintings of Robots


7 Contemporary means…

A. Art from living artists

B. Art depicting current themes

C.  Modern Art

D. Abstract Art


8 Tone is…

A. The color of an area

B. A “Shade” color

C. A beautiful body

D. A color with both black and white added


9 Avant-garde means…

A. An art movement from the early 1900’s

B. The front gate guards at Buckingham Palace

C. A new kind of drink

D. Any new or experimental concept


10 Zombie Formilisum is….

A. Zombies at a Prom

B. The way Zombies don’t behave

C. An art movement devoted to the Zombie culture

D. Contemporary Formilisum


11 Formilisum means….

A. Being polite

B.Fancy clothes

C. A movement around the 1950 professing “Art for Art’s Sake”

D. Abstract forms



 OK that’s enough!

How did you do?   1-D, 2- C , 3 – D, 4 – D, 5 – C, 6 – B, 7 – A, 8 – D, 9 – D, 10 – D, 11 – C


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