What would Caravaggio do?

Sometime around 3:00AM I had the thought, “What would Caravaggio do?”. What would he do next if he were painting this pear? I wonder if he ever fretted over a painting. He seemed to crank them out pretty well, even while he was running from the law. How does that work? Palette, easel, paints ,brushes, models ducking into corners…I don’t get it.

So what would Caravaggio do with my pear? I figure he would add a lot of really low value chroma and intensify the lights. Then he would have the subject wounded, maybe with a paring knife sticking out of her. Juice staining the wrapper….

work in progress

It may not seem like it, but I did work for hours on this painting today. I’m happier with it and actually managed to get my pear and wrapper model to give me a little better reference, so I have a better idea where I’m going than I did yesterday. Do you see my model there on the left with the unlit light behind her? Unfortunately she’s getting a bit old and may not last another day. If I did stick a knife in her she’s probably end up an oozing puddle on my table.

It’s 5 days and counting, Not sure I can do all I want in 5 days, but I’ll stick with the program and see how far I can get. Where am I on the scale? Hum…back at #5.



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One response to “What would Caravaggio do?

  1. If you didn’t see my previous post, I am challenging myself to finish this large painting in the next 5 days. (It usually takes weeks). I’ll post each day with what I have accomplished.


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