I’m having trouble photographing these to show how they actually look. This is my 2nd attempt at this.


I did a couple quick paintings the other night at 2nd Beach in Middletown as the moon rose. Got cold hands and slight case of the creeps, but it’s a great exercise. I didn’t know what they looked like till I got home!


A big thank you out to Renjeau Gallery for selling a big painting! (5′ x 3′)


big wave

Sometimes an end result is completely different from the initial intent.

This is a case in point. Whereas I had intended a fairly simple painting with the focus on a soft mist off a curl, something basically simple and geometric. I got involved with what light would do off the spray and ended up with something fairly violent. Wave #3 snapshot

The Met


I got to spend a really fun couple of days with friends at the Frick and at the Met.  Now I hope to transfer some of that inspiration to the many paintings in progress in my studio.