En Plein (Cold) Air

This winter I vowed to go out and paint each Saturday morning no matter what! Mostly I have (I missed the weekend of the blizzard, didn’t even think about painting!) Here are 4 Saturday morning paintings of the Providence River.

Providence River #4 Providence River #3 Providence River #2 Providence River #1

About Lorena Pugh

I'm a Rhode Island artist sharing some work on these blogs

3 responses to “En Plein (Cold) Air

  1. They are beautiful! But why on earth did you choose winter for this challenge?


  2. Lorena Pugh

    Hi Danielle,
    Because I’m working on having a more direct stroke. A bolder approach to the paint. If I’m really uncomfortable then I will produce the painting in as short of period of time as possible. I’m both developing a stronger mark and studying water for my wave paintings.


  3. Linda Post

    So very different! But they make me yearn for summer… I do like them, very subtle, great brushstrokes.


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