En Plein (Cold) Air

This winter I vowed to go out and paint each Saturday morning no matter what! Mostly I have (I missed the weekend of the blizzard, didn’t even think about painting!) Here are 4 Saturday morning paintings of the Providence River.

Providence River #4 Providence River #3 Providence River #2 Providence River #1



This week I’ve been varnishing old and new paintings. It’s an art from in-and-of itself and to do it right requires knowledge, good tools and nerves of steel.   Oh and a dust free environment! A challenge with a wood stove and a dog!

Varnishing is like putting glass over the art, it protects the oil painting and can be removed to clean up the painting years from now. Unfortunately all varnish has some degree of glare (just like glass) and that is always my challenge to create an even coat that is thin enough to avoid glare and yet protect the piece. 

What’s on the easel

In process!

In process!

Welcome to my brand new blog! This will be a weekly update with new paintings, paintings in progress, random thoughts on the art of art and of course any upcoming events I desperately want you to know about.

Here I will include not only the studio paintings but also studies and plein air works.

The painting above is my latest pear (it’s not quite finished) I will be delivering it and a few others to Renjeau Gallery up in the Boston area on Tuesday.